Ring of Elden Dragon Communion Altars might be one of the first things you stumble upon in the game’s massive open world. However, if you haven’t acquired a Dragon Heart yet, you might not know exactly how it all works. The first Dragon Communion altar is located near where you end up after completing the Elden Ring tutorial.

The Church of the Communion of the Dragon is located on an island southwest of Limgrave. You will need to go through the Coastal Cave dungeon and defeat the Demi-Human Chiefs boss there to access it.

When you defeat bosses in Elden Ring, you will be rewarded with Dragon Hearts, which can then be used on Dragon Communion Altars. You can exchange dragon hearts for unique spells that will help you on your adventure.

At the Church of the Dragon Communion, you can exchange Dragon Hearts for one of three incantations – Dragon Fire, Dragon Claw, or Dragon Maw.

If you’re wondering exactly where the Church of the Dragon Communion is, check out the Elden Ring map in this article.

Alternatively, there is another Communion of the Dragon shrine location you can head to in Elden Ring.

As PC Gamer explained in an online post, you can find the Cathedral of the Communion of the Dragon in Caelid, in the southwestern area of ​​the region. You will find this altar south of the main road as it moves east.

If you’re wondering what you can get there, here’s a list of available spells…

– Dragon Claw

– Dragon Fire

– Dragon’s Mouth

– Sparkling Stone Breath

– Rotten Breath

– Dragonice

– Flame of Agheel

– Smarag’s Glistening Stone Breath

– Ekzykes Decomposition