Hola, y buenos dias. I just read a question raised on another post here, the result was that the couple were no longer considering Mexico, and were now looking towards Panama – WHY, because of the obstacles in establishing their finacial where with all. Just last night I “discovered” I too fell short of the “new formula” for determining economic solvency.

THE IRONY is that I have my Residente Temporal visa in hand (expires 6th Jan 2023. I applied 3 ½ years ago using my SSA benefit (70 in July) AND I have Received visa stamp from Consulate in Las Vegas Applied here in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas at NMI office, received 1 year approval, reapplied and received 3 year approval ( I don’t know what the correct terminology is for these steps) Last night I was “shocked”, worried or saddened to read that the new formula (the unit of measure and update (UMA)) is used, which raises the threshold by nearly $1,000/month over what I used to get my current RT visa.

So my question may be obvious – a month before my current RT visa expires, I approach INM – some expat blogs say that INM will automatically re-issue a new Residente Permanente visa, and will NOT require ” economic solvency”. I know that in Mexico, “or anywhere – anywhere in the world“, and things change.

Is Mexico tightening and restricting expats wanting to live in Mexico now??? On another blog I read that even the FMM tourist visa is NOT guaranteed for 180 days. . . ((( sorry, in one direction “enter”, in the other direction one falls into the atmosphere of the INM officer of the day . . . ))) someone with recent experience and suggestions ???
with a sonrisa