This is the first time in the history of the United Arab Emirates that a private holding company and a government service provider completely convert to a paperless and largely digitized approach to providing their full-fledged services.

ECH intends to bring top-notch technology to the table, providing industry-leading quality and user-friendly services, making it accessible at your fingertips, resulting in one hundred percent time efficiency and no hassle.

Over the years, ECH has successfully pioneered new horizons resulting in innovation and professionalism in the government PRO sector. As part of the same, ECH remarkably enables the acceptance of Crypto payments for most government transactions.

Led by a professional workforce from over 20 countries fluent in over 30 languages, ECH sets the tone in understanding integrity and diversity.

The CEO, Iqbal Marconi, a former merchant marine officer and the brain and strength of ECH is entitled to obtain the first and only golden visa of the UAE, in the business creation sector. ECH management announces the opening of three new fully digitized and paperless objective offices by the end of this year.

The ECH team expresses its receptivity and adherence to pioneering innovation and the ideas that are continually advanced by the leaders of the country for the people.

Setting the trends in the industry, ECH is now a pioneer and fulfills the goal of sustainability, full digitalization and paperless city as envisioned by the leaders and they are all ready to embark on this initiative.