I think that inspector who came to buy yesterday said he was DTI but? He spoke no English and wore a barangay-like shirt-like uniform and badge and name tag.

The reason I’m sharing this is because this guy or others like him have been passing by for years and I avoid them because either I think it’s a scam or it could also be a vendor selling a security device or a regulator for the tank but the inspectors wear shirts, the salesman kind of plays like inspectors also caring about a list but wears civilian clothes, they also want to enter the house “Oh no” be careful I don’t wouldn’t recommend it.

My daughter translated this time what was going on and the inspector said he is supposed to come in and inspect your propane cylinders as they frequently blow them up he did not come in but he asked these questions or provided useful information:

– What type of tank do we use, my daughter said “Solane” and he said GOOD! and then he mentioned that some of the other companies don’t have a good track record or good tracking of their tanks and they get old and repainted and apparently fail.

– There are some tanks built around 1981 still in circulation and they are broken so he goes into the house and inspects the serial numbers.

– Is the tank elevated off concrete and it is recommended on wood as tanks also leak if cold or something to that effect.

Alright so after living here for nearly 12 years we now have our tanks on mini wooden pallets we had built in the downstairs kitchen and our dirty kitchen outside.

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Another note: when was the last time you changed your rubber hose, it becomes brittle and leaks.