GILLETTE – The Campbell County Public Lands Board and CAM-PLEX staff launched a discussion June 9 on whether CAM-PLEX should adjust the stall rental fee structure to deal with the frequency at which the stalls are left dirty.

Laura Chapman, a member of the Campbell County Public Lands Board, said she requested that a blocking discussion be added to the agenda for the June 9 meeting because, “quite frankly, I I’m tired of hearing about horses [vulgarity].”

“This is not a criticism of the staff at all – but it does seem to be a recurring theme with some customers who – stalls are not cleaned, stalls not ready or not done,” he said. she declared.

Chapman said she would like to be more proactive rather than reactive in mitigating stall cleanliness issues before customers need to move their horses. She said she doesn’t think CAM-PLEX charges enough for stalls.

“I’m not suggesting we raise our rates, but sometimes that’s what it takes to get people’s attention to cleaning up after themselves,” Chapman said. “And quite honestly, we don’t have enough staff for you to be out there shoveling [vulgarity]. I just don’t think that’s what’s valuable from this group of people, and so I think we need to come up with a better solution for that.

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CAM-PLEX charges rent of $15 per booth per night and pays $7 to clean each booth, said Mikenzie Ochs, senior sales manager for CAM-PLEX. Inmates at the Campbell County Detention Center are paid to clean stalls.

Operations manager Will Hastreiter said CAM-PLEX charges relatively little for stalls compared to other stables and stall cleanliness is not a localized issue.

Chapman said she thinks that with limited staff, limited time and lots of responsibilities, it’s not worth staff having to clean stalls.

“If that means someone leaves a $50 deposit on the table and you don’t have to clear a bunch of stalls, I feel like I’m okay with that,” said Chapman. “And the customer can decide if they want to feel that in their wallet or not.”

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Randy Greer, who frequently uses the CAM-PLEX booths, said different people have different definitions of what is “clean.” He said if staff were renting stalls in certain barns just to make cleaning more efficient and to ensure that no stalls were overlooked for cleaning.

Board member Charlene Camblin said it would be helpful to get feedback from stakeholders.

“We have a problem that we need help solving, and they are the ones using the facility,” she said.

The discussion will continue after the national high school finals rodeo, the board decided.

The board meets again at 6:30 p.m. on July 7, with a workshop at 6 p.m., in the Energy Hall conference room at CAM-PLEX.