A young Canadian woman has shared a now-viral clip detailing her culture shock after moving to Australia – including a harsh dig at Australian men.

In a TikTok, 18-year-old Jamison started off by saying there are “way too many beautiful girls in Australia” before venting his harsh opinion of Aussie guys.

“Men are missing,” she says.

“To say that I have an Aussie boyfriend and he doesn’t miss him, but before him I wasn’t attracted to Aussie boys at all,” she said.

She went on to explain how she struggled to remember Australians referring to ‘gas’ as ‘gasoline’ and how ‘stressful’ the typical Aussie greeting of ‘How are you?’ that was when she arrived two and a half years ago.

“Here you call gasoline gasoline, we call it gas, why?” she asked.

“And everyone says ‘how are you?’ And you’re supposed to answer ‘not bad yourself?’ or ‘how are you?’ It’s just a quick exchange, like it’s not trying to be a conversation,” she said.

“It’s stressful, like you’re walking down the street and someone asks you ‘how are you?’ you have to talk really fast like, ‘I’m fine, how are you?’ and keep walking.

“Like, Aussies talk so fast.”

The young woman’s clip has racked up nearly 300,000 views since she shared it last week with her comment about ‘the missing Aussie man’ causing a huge stir.

“I SWEAR THE MEN ARE REALLY MISSING HERE!” The rest of the world has an equal ratio of handsome men to women, I swear,” one TikTok user wrote.

“100,000% men here are 0.5,” wrote a second person, while a third joked, “I’ve lived in Australia all my life and I’ve had enough of guys.”

Another added: “Also not from Australia and yes the men are MISSING.”

But not everyone agreed, with many coming to the defense of our Australian men.

“Never mind. Aussie actors are better. Chris Hemsworth on Ryan Reynolds!. next,” an annoyed Aussie wrote.

“Naaaa men are definitely prettier,” another joked.

Meanwhile, regarding his Aussie greeting comment, some took the liberty of offering advice on how best to approach it.

“Honestly, with the ‘how are you’, just say ‘hi’ back. It’s usually more of a greeting than a real question,” one person shared.

“Say ‘how are you’ directly to them as soon as they ask and the ball is back in their court right away,” a second person suggested.

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