As an expatriate in this city, you will not be in the minority since 80% of the population are immigrants. Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, and the food, lifestyle and architecture have an international impact. What’s this developers in dubai advise their customers to pay attention.

culture of life

Dubai is an Islamic state and the role of religion here is important. When you settle here, there are several cultural aspects to consider. Please note that alcohol consumption is permitted for non-Emirati citizens and non-Muslims, but only in private or in approved locations.

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Your home in Dubai

One of the most important things is finding suitable accommodation. With a booming real estate industry, the housing market is a treasure trove. From luxury apartments to high-end villas and modest studios, there is something for everyone. There are several communities with a large population of western emigrants, so it will be easy for you to find friends and a villa or apartment to buy or rent.

Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai and Arabian Ranches are the most popular areas for British expats. We recommend that you find a real estate agent who will help you choose a property and better understand the advantages of each neighborhood and residential complex. Try to familiarize yourself with RERA laws, as this body regulates rental contracts.

If you compare the local rent with the rent in London, the former will be 15-30% cheaper. The rental price depends on the location. Uptown London will cost more than a family-friendly neighborhood in the emirate.

The most affordable property for 2022 is located at JVC, Al Nahda and Bur Dubai. These areas offer the most economical apartments, ranging from studios to 2 bedroom apartments. This compares to an average rent of AED 34,000 for a studio in JVC, while the same property in Dubai Marina costs AED 88,000 per year.

Compared to parts of England this may seem higher, but the prices go down the further you get from the city center into the suburbs.

Rent is paid in fixed date, quarterly, biannual or annual installments. Some landlords offer monthly payments, but this is an exception, and this method can be more expensive.

Amenities around your home

It is easy to equip a house in Dubai. There are several homeware and furniture stores, including world famous stores like IKEA. And for budget shopping, head to second-hand furniture stores to get great things at discounted prices.

Electricity and water are provided by DEWA. In the summer, when the temperature reaches over 40 degrees, expect your bills to be higher as the power of the air conditioner increases.

Most residential areas also have various supermarkets and grocery stores like Asda and Sainsburys. The British brand Waitrose has its branch in the shopping and entertainment centers Dubai Mall and Marina Mall; you can also find their products in many Spinneys supermarkets across the city.

Getting around Dubai

Once you have chosen a house, you can think about how you can explore the city. Londoners will be delighted to learn that the emirate has its own metro.

The Dubai Metro connects most of the city and is the main form of public transport for most Britons. Plus, there are other convenient types of public transportation that save you money.

People who prefer to drive a car can exchange their UK driving license for a UAE license by visiting any Road Transport Authority (RTA) office.

Average car prices are the same as in the UK, but petrol is much cheaper.

State taxi parks are common in the city. You can also use several apps to get around town by taxi, such as Uber and Careem. Taxis are cheaper than in the UK, so getting home from the airport doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune!

Schools for UK expats

There are many private schools with international programs for British expats.

Most Britons enroll their children in GCSE schools with a more familiar form of education. The city has over 50 KHDA verified UK schools, with a wide range of educational opportunities for children.

Cost depends on class, location and management. Cambridge International School, GEMS Wellington School and Regent International School are some of the best British schools in the emirate, which are popular with expats in the city.

Start choosing real estate in Dubai

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