Image: Pixabay

Kill Rudolf: British hunters share gruesome pre-Christmas slaughter photos.

British hunters have traveled to Iceland on pre-Christmas shooting trips to kill reindeer. Ian Farrington is a deer hunter from Devon and he runs ‘Icelandic Safari’ trips which cost participants £ 2000.

After sharing photos of one of the slaughtered reindeer, he commented on the trip: “We came back from another trip to Iceland with 100% success – all hunters taking reindeer bulls on the first day of their trip. hunt.

According to the deer tracker, the trip that took place last month: “brings our results to 12 hunts conducted, all hunters taking their beast on the first day”.

Many people are campaigning for a ban on trophy hunting. Eduardo Gonçalves is the founder of one of these campaigns. He said: “Ian Farrington is literally making a killing selling a stomach-breaking vacation where you can shoot reindeer for ‘sport’, a smug selfie and a sick memory.

“Reindeer are increasingly threatened. Scientists say hunting is one of the threats pushing reindeer to extinction.

Currently, the Icelandic government allows the slaughter of 1,800 reindeer each year.

The UK government recently announced legislation banning the return of hunting trophies to Britain. Mr. Farrington commented on the Stalking Directory forum and said, “The latest bill from our [government] suggests that the import of reindeer trophies will be banned – a concern if you want to bring trophies back to the UK. “

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