Encouraging Sri Lankan expats to safely hand over their hard-earned foreign exchange earnings to their families and loved ones, Bank of Ceylon (BOC) announces the third season of its unique “Pita Pita Rata Thegi” promotion by offering expatriates to win back valuable gifts in daily, weekly and monthly draws, including a grand prize for a luxury villa worth Rs 30 million.

The third edition of BOC’s “Pita Pita Rata Thegi” promotion offers Sri Lankan expats multiple opportunities to win valuable gifts like no other in the industry. Every day, 365 lucky winners will receive Rs. 10,000 gift vouchers worth of major supermarkets while 48 lucky shippers can win Rs. 100,000 home appliance gift vouchers every week.

In the monthly draw, 75 lucky participants have a chance to win gold coins and finally, a luxury villa worth Rs 30 million is on the cards in the grand draw.

Over the years, BOC has been able to gain great popularity among thousands of Sri Lankan expatriates for its market leading exchange rates, unparalleled benefits and cutting edge digital products that far exceed the benefits and offered services. Helping Sri Lankan expatriates achieve their life goals with their hard-earned foreign exchange earnings, the Bank is also engaged in initiatives to improve the financial literacy of Sri Lankan expatriates while encouraging them to save and manage effectively. their income. BOC’s Smart Remit facility has remained the popular digital money transfer service among Sri Lankan expats since its inception in 2013.

Over the years, this facility has enabled Sri Lankans living abroad to reduce transaction costs with its array of facilities and benefits as BOC continues to update and modernize with the latest technological developments. In 2021, BOC upgraded its Smart Remit facility allowing Sri Lankan expats to make real-time remittances more securely.

In addition, BOC has also enabled online banking with its BOC B-App while offering a free international VISA debit card to its customers by allowing BOC foreign account holders to check their account balances online, to make money transfers, make utility bill payments and to meet a wide range of online banking needs from anywhere in the world.

Thanks to these pioneering initiatives supported by its service excellence, BOC was able to increase its remittances by 29% in 2021 compared to the previous year, while simultaneously increasing its leadership in the remittance market to 41 %. This has enabled the bank to support the country with uninterrupted imports of essential goods including oil, gas, COVID-19 vaccines and foodstuffs in 2019 and 2021.