TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Chinese Foreign Ministry has lambasted Lithuania for violating the “one China” principle, following the opening of Taiwan’s representative office in Lithuania on Thursday (November 18th).

On Thursday evening, China’s Foreign Ministry issued a press release stating that the Lithuanian government’s acceptance of the new office violates the “one-China principle” and renounces its political commitment to the establishment statement. diplomatic relations between the two countries. Lithuania has also undermined China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity and interfered in China’s internal affairs, according to CNA citing the press release.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said it has expressed strong opposition to the opening of Taiwan’s representative office and will take all necessary measures to “defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.” He also called on Lithuania to immediately reverse its decision to host the Taiwanese representative office.

Following Taiwan’s announcement in August of its intention to establish a representative office in the Lithuanian capital, Beijing recalled the Chinese ambassador to Lithuania and tried to force the Baltic country to block the move.