Hi guys,

I just joined the forum after seeing amazing advice from a lot of amazing people here. I am looking to apply for subclass 491 under MARKETING SPECIALIST – ANZSCO 225113. I have researched the application process extensively so am familiar with the application steps. However, I would like advice regarding the overall point calculation and my chances of getting the invite:

1) I have done 4 years of bachelor and 2 years of master program, will this still be considered as a bachelor in Australia?
2) I have more than 10 years of professional experience mainly in digital agencies, where I developed digital marketing strategies for brands to promote them on social networks (I am 8 months apart, the experiment I have quoted excludes this discrepancy). Any idea of ​​the maximum number of years that can be deducted by VETACCESS?
3) Based on my conservative estimate, I will have approximately 70 points (without state nomination). Will it be a good idea to apply for the ANZSCO code of marketing specialist as I haven’t seen many people applying for it lately
4) Most previous supervisors I have worked with have moved on to different organizations. If I somehow manage to sign my experience letter with their new email and contact number, will that work?
4) What if a few of the organizations I’ve worked in refuse to give me an org chart, not even the marketing department org charts (saying it’s against their policy or some other excuse )? Is there a way around this when requesting 225113? Since this is one of the requirements for the application?

Looking forward to hearing expert advice on this.