I have already submitted the following:

Payslip (for all months)
Bank statement (without employee name)
Statistical statement (without any supporting evidence)
Letter of service (on company letterhead)

But currently, I plan to submit the following documents for this period of employment:

Job reference:

1. Letter of service (on letterhead)
1A. Skills reference letter from employer (skills, roles and responsibilities/full-time start date and end date on letterhead)
1B. Statutory statement (showing detailed skills, designation, working hours, roles, country and responsibilities)
1 C. Certificate of good faith of the supervisor signing statutorily

Proof of payment :

Outside Australia:
2A. Pay sheets
2B. Employer trust provident fund statements
2C. Bank statements (partially has employer’s name for past months)
2D. Detailed salary credit statement from the bank (partially has the name of the employer in the last few months)
2E Self-declaration on bank statement noting descriptions
2 F. Form 16 from traces (digital signature) for this period of employment
2G. Employer’s insurance policy coverage document (showing start date, policy number and name)

Inside Australia:
2A. Pay sheets
2B. Australian bank statement
2C. Tax declaration for this period of employment
2D. ATO Assessment

I put all this together in a new set and I try to attach as much evidence as possible. Will it work?

Or do you think I should wait for ACS to return?

Thanks in advance!