This slide is representative of the paintings of Irena Davydova whose works are influenced by the mystique of tarot cards.

Four immensely talented (international) artists living in Thailand shared their art at the Wednesday, September 14 meeting of the Pattaya City Expats Club (PCEC). Their works were displayed on the big screen as the public learned more about them and their art. To see all of the artwork featured, you will need to watch the video on the PCEC YouTube channel at

The first was Irena Davydova from Russia. Much of Irena’s work is inspired by mystical depictions on tarot cards, which was very evident when her works were presented to the public. She believes that creativity is in the blood. She had her first art exhibition in St. Petersburg in 1997.

Elvira Hupasch is very good at drawing both animals and the human form. His love for drawing horses can be attributed to his past involvement with a riding club.

The next was Sreyroth Ny from Cambodia. She had been painting for only a year, but her work was remarkable, especially in the depth perception displayed in her art. His specialty is mural painting. His works are exhibited in several restaurants in Pattaya, including the Seeland Brewery and a Cajun restaurant. She has also painted murals to decorate the walls of condos for private owners.

After Sreyroth, Elvira Hupasch from Germany. Many of Elvira’s paintings depict horses, birds, and other animals. But she is also prolific in the representation of the female nude. She learned to paint. Her many dynamic horse photos are mainly due to her involvement with a riding club in the past and she has featured her paintings in many exhibitions over the years.

Sreyroth Ny has a great talent for providing realistic depth perception to his art. This painting is one of many murals she painted for a homeowner who wanted a Greek theme to adorn the walls of his condo.

After Elvira, the next artist was Rose. She has only been painting for 7 months. Her work was recently featured in an article in the Pattaya Mail about her heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking presentation to the PCEC titled “Alone – My Life as an Abandoned Baby in Myanmar”. To see his presentation that featured this work, visit the PCEC YouTube channel at

Rose is very talented with only about 7 months of artistic experience. This slide depicts one of her paintings which is part of her “Earth Woman Series”

After the artistic presentations of these four lovely ladies, the public was treated to an added bonus of photographic art by Martin Hertnagel of the Bells Inn Love Cafe in Pattaya which hosted Elvira’s art exhibition last February; a show that inspired Rose to start making art.

Martin Hertnagel, from the Bells Inn Love Cafe in Pattaya, was a surprise addition to the meeting program. He presented several examples including this one of his photographic art.

At the end of the presentations, MC Ren Lexander noted that these four lovely ladies would have some of their artwork available to view and purchase. He then invited Patrick Heywood who thanked the PCEC for their support of the recent charity events of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya. This was followed by the open forum where members of the public can ask and answer questions about expats living in Thailand. For more information on the PCEC, visit their website at

MC Ren Lexander presents certificates of appreciation to Elvira, Rose, Irena and Sreyroth for their contribution to an artistic morning at the PCEC.