After a few years of thinking that we will move to Spain when we approach retirement, we are finally taking firm action. My husband can work from home and his company now has a policy in place that staff can work just about anywhere for a one month period with few questions asked. We use this as an opportunity to start a real “reconnaissance mission”.

We have organized an apartment for the month of April in Dequesa. Ideally we would prefer Sabinillas but had to take what we could get/afford. The idea is not a “holiday” as my husband will be working, I will be dealing with the normal daily running of a household and bringing him his pipe and slippers etc. I’m no stranger to the country on the move, I’m originally from Canada (I now have an Irish/EU passport) but moved to Ireland when I was younger and my priorities were very different then.

To be totally frank, our Spanish is non-existent, so yes, we have to learn (for our long-term plans)! To explain our choice of location: I am aware that we are heading towards a “touristy/coastal” area. We have lived in Dublin city center for years, we are not the village or rural type. We want a shop and food and drink within a 5 minute walk and for both of us being very close to the beach is an absolute must.

I guess my question is, have you done this sort of thing, and do you have any advice to offer, or just from your experience in Spain, could you have any suggestions?

  • Are there any specific activities we should be looking at?
  • Should we stay away from expat bars or use them to meet other people and get information? (I was on a facebook page and there was a discussion about the local expat location and how not to get your Rolex stolen and my eyes rolled so far in my head that I still can’t see properly. .so I’m a little wary of looking for bass flies..)
  • Is it wise to spend all of our time checking out different locations to get a general idea of ​​a large area, or is it better to keep our radius reasonable and really get a feel for the Dequesa/Sabinillas/Estapona area? So if we don’t decide for ourselves, let’s widen the net?
  • Is there anything in particular we should pay attention to? For example, in Dublin, I wouldn’t shy away from graffiti, as the neighborhood kids like to “decorate” the neighborhood. So, would graffiti be a bad thing in a neighborhood of these places, or just a reality?

Anyway, I’m just looking to learn from everyone’s experience!
Thank you