More than 40 expatriates returning from 17 countries around the world visit Truong Sa, platform DK1 (Photo: VNA)

The nearly 1,000 nautical mile journey to Truong Sa and the DK1 platform had a huge impact on the more than 40 expatriates returning from 17 countries around the world. The trip to the Truong Sa archipelago and the continental shelf is a significant learning experience for all who participate. It is also an opportunity for VOs to meet and exchange with Vietnamese from all over the world in Vietnam, which helps to strengthen national unity.

On this occasion, Ambassador Ngo Huong Nam, Deputy Head of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, was interviewed by journalists from the Vietnamese News Agency on the results of the trip, as well as on the 10th anniversary of the event.

Ambassador Ngo Huong Nam, Deputy Head of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs (Photo: VNA)

From 2012 to 2019, eight delegations of nearly 600 VO visited Truong Sa.
Unsurprisingly, this activity was suspended in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, 2022 is an important year as touring has resumed. This year’s visit is even more significant in the context of the implementation of Politburo Conclusion 12-KL/TW of August 12, 2021 on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs in the Modern Context. This document emphasizes the task of “promoting national unity, encouraging and creating conditions for overseas Vietnamese to actively contribute to building the motherland and safeguarding the cause national”. It also helps to better show the feelings and the responsibility of the Party and the State to lend a hand to the OV community.

During this trip, 41 delegates from 17 countries around the world interacted directly with officers, soldiers and residents of the island district; gave them gifts; and honored the heroes and martyrs who sacrificed themselves in the cause of defending the country’s sovereignty over the sea and the islands.

Over the past few years, organizing tours of Truong Sa and DK1 oil rig has helped to assert Vietnam’s sovereignty over the Truong Sa Archipelago. It is also a chance for Vietnamese expatriates of all the corners of the world to meet and connect with those who live in the homeland in order to strengthen the great national unity.

Overseas Vietnamese visit Truong Sa, Platform DK1 (Photo: VNA)

By setting foot on the island district and oil rig, visitors can witness the changes on the islands and feel the will and determination of the soldiers and locals to safeguard the nation’s sacred sovereignty over the sea and the islands. , thereby inspiring national pride in the VOs and promoting their patriorism. , confidence and responsibility towards the cause of building and safeguarding the nation.

The journey to Truong Sa is the journey of great national unity, Nam said.

The ambassador affirmed that the Vietnamese people, wherever they are, carry on the traditions of the nation. They promote the spirit of solidarity, mutual affection, always turned towards the homeland, and contribute actively to the cause of national construction and development./.

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