Isabella Reynolds (pictured) and Thomas Huntingford have been announced co-winners of the 2022 Student Prize for the Advancement of Architecture at the 2022 Australian Institute of Architects National Awards.

Student Award for Advancement in Architecture 2022 | Isabelle Reynolds

Quote from the jury:

Isabella Reynolds has made a unique and progressive contribution to the advancement of architecture and education. She operated at the intersection of the student experience and the broader profession in a skillful and sophisticated way. She has demonstrated strong leadership among the student cohort in the area of ​​interdisciplinary design and collaboration.

In 2020, Isabella founded the Architecture& panel series, which aims to engage members of the profession in discussions about architecture and its surrounding disciplines. These discussions, made accessible in person and online, were also archived and published in the University of Queensland Barbara Journal, allowing the discourse to reach the wider community. This diverse cross-disciplinary engagement platform offers industry leaders, engineers, students, practitioners, CEOs, artists, developers, politicians, city planners and academics the opportunity to mingle and merge in the same physical and ideological spaces.

Isabella was both a student and a teacher during her training in architecture. While working as an architecture student at BVN in Brisbane, she set up a program of open lectures at her workplace to showcase Brisbane artists and emerging architects. The program was accompanied by a studio design and art workshop and a competition that culminated in an exhibition of work at the State Library of Queensland. Additionally, while undertaking her Masters in Architecture, she undertook a tutoring role at her university in building technology, with a focus on mass timber structures.

Isabella Reynolds has made significant contributions to architectural education which have benefited the education of her cohort of students, as well as the profession in general. She operates effectively in interdisciplinary environments and widely influences the architectural profession in a way that is cross-generational and remarkable given her years of experience. It provides a precedent for the strong contributions students can make to the future of the architectural profession.

Student Award for Advancement in Architecture 2022 | Thomas Huntford

Thomas Huntingford has made substantial contributions to the advancement of architectural education by inspiring camaraderie among his cohort of students, promoting student engagement, and constantly challenging himself and his peers, to do more.

Thomas has formed meaningful relationships with his teachers, peers, and colleagues, and collaborated with them to successfully initiate ways to increase student engagement in architectural discourse. In early 2020, he worked with his senior lecturer to launch a student initiative called “Interviewing Designers and Architects”. He is co-chair of the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) Student Forum, which he has made more accessible to all students by removing the need for formal applications. In 2019, he created the Facebook group MSD Discussion Board. This online platform, which now has more than 1,500 members, simulated studio culture online, allowing the sharing of work, ideas and events.

A peer-to-peer, people-scale approach was brought to the SONA leadership team through Thomas’s leadership and advocacy for meaningful engagement of SONA members. Thomas has represented students on the Institute’s Victorian Chapter Council, the Victorian Education Committee, the Architect Victoria Editorial Committee and the Sustainability in Architecture Forum.

Thomas has made a real contribution to the promotion of architecture for the benefit of the profession and the student experience. His leadership positively impacted the culture of architectural education and student well-being, including providing students with a safe place to contribute and achieve more through friendship and camaraderie.


Tony Giannone FRAIA (president) – National President | Director, Tectvs

Lisa Moore FRAIA – CEN President and National Councilor | Director, And Architecture

Dr Helen Norrie – University of Tasmania

Leanne Haidar – National President of SONA | SJB Architects